Music Mission

My vision for this website is simple: to bring new information about classic artists to you to preserve the continuity lacking in the mainstream music media. I will also be introducing classic songs to you that may have slipped through the cracks the first time around.
I remember way back when (pre 2000), you couldn’t buy just one album track.  You were locked into album purchases, so how many chances would you take for $10 to $15 a crack?  Trust me, many ‘album tracks’ have gone unheard by you, me and most other people on earth.  By ‘album track’,  I am discussing those tunes not released as singles and forgotten over the years due to lack of radio play, concert airings and critical discussion in general.  Please let me know if you disagree. 

16 responses to “Music Mission

  1. I nominate “looking for the next best thing” by Warren Zevon


    Bigger than Both of Us the SONG not the album:

    • Hey you read my mind…”The Envoy” is my favorite Zevon album, I couldn’t believe it finally made CD! That and “Stand in the Fire”. ‘Bigger Than the Both of Us” is a song I never heard, but is awesome. You can’t beat those guys for songwriting. I can’t believe more singer/songwriters don’t cover their lesser known tunes. Thanks!

  2. Great Blog. Some songs I own, some I’m not familiar with. Makes for interesting reading.

  3. maplesyrupandrew23

    Great cause haha!
    I started getting albums once I got rid of limewire. I got linked to your blog from your comment on my review of The Replacements’ Let it Be.

    If you haven’t discovered The National yet, give them a quick google.

  4. i have fallen in love with your blog & habe just added it to my blogroll I humbly suggest you get into the solo work of john frusciente especially my favorite of his albums “shadows collide with people” which I can honestly say changed my life

    most of the songs are on youtube & I make you this dare if you buy the album & don’t like it I will buy it off you for the price you paid (you can contact me through my blog & we’d work out the details). in any case love the blog & keep up the good work & in case you haven;t heard it yet (i have only seen 10 or so of your posts it’s late) check out “buttons on my clothes” by the oft underrated del amitri which is my unofficial theme song

    • I’m going to check out the John Frusciente stuff…I love the Peppers, “Californication” especially. I’ll let you know what I think, although I’m sure it’ll be great…he is a really unique player. Del Amitri is also new to me. The song is great, thanks for the video post!!! Thanks for all of the food for thought, as well as the kudos. DBW

  5. Song from 1973, brought current with original artist and fresh talent!

  6. The genius speaks. Never played over the air for obvious reasons….but epic nonetheless.

  7. What about a version you’ve never heard…..

    80s Classic from Terrence Trent D’Arby:

    Matt Nathansen and Daryl Hall make it modern:

    • All great finds! I love the Zevon, those last few albums were great and I had never seen that clip. And the ‘Live from Daryl’s House’ performances are fantastic…I like seeing Daryl Hall embraced by the new wave of music talent. I saw Daryl solo in 2008 on Long Island…the stage was set up like his ‘barn’ and he brought out Philly-based opener ‘Mutlu’ to close the show with him. Just a very generous performer to have a newcomer join him on his established hits. Thanks again!

  8. here is a great live version of my favorite Frusciante song Carvel, enjoy.

  9. In reference to Mutlu above, I saw him open up for Joe Jackson on JJ’s last tour and he was warmly received by the audience. I look forward to more music from him.

  10. kingbiscuitpants

    good morning I’ve got another really good one for you. It’s a song called Wonder Woman featuring Tricky, John Frusciante & Flea. Check it out!

  11. …guess you either lost interest, or just forgot; it was a good idea…

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