Pearl Jam – The Fixer

“When somethings broke, I wanna put a bit of fixin on it.
When somethings bored, I wanna put a little exciting on it.
If somethings low, I wanna put a little high on it.
When somethings lost, I wanna fight to get it back again…”

Of the bands to emerge from the Seattle scene of the late eighties, Pearl Jam has endured and continued to make consistently good music while many of their peers have either faded away or broken up. The release of the documentary “Pearl Jam Twenty” highlights the ups and downs of an intensely personal and tightly knit group of individuals who do not usually invite the critical eye to view their creative process. Many only know Pearl Jam from their days as cultural icons of the early nineties and the hits found on their 1991 debut, “Ten”. For devotees, the band has a rich catalog of songs to delve into and examine, songs as diverse as the influences of the group, which range from arena rock to blues to punk to folk and beyond.

‘The Fixer’ is a classic pop rock single from their first true indie release, 2009’s “Backspacer”. The album was the first release for the band after finishing their tenture on the J Records label. After years of releasing their own bootleg series albums on their own Monkeywrench Records, Pearl Jam decided to completely take the major labels out of their business model…a paradigm shift that has worked for other groups like Barenaked Ladies and Radiohead.

The album saw the band branching out into more mellow sounds on songs like “Just Breathe”, a conceptual precursor to Eddie Vedder’s second solo release, 2011’s “Ukelele Songs”, also on Monkeywrench Records. ‘The Fixer’ is as song that came to the band originally from drummer Matt Cameron and it shows. The driving beat and infectious rhythm make this the bands catchiest song since their pop heyday on “Ten”. The song was featured in several Target commercials, as it was the official retailer of the album and it was also one of the bands only official music videos of the new millenium.

The film “Pearl Jam Twenty” is a must see for any music fan. It truly conveys why Pearl Jam is as important and relevent today as they were at the height of their greatest commericial exposure.

The trailer for “Pearl Jam Twenty”:

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