Bob Seger – Wait for Me

“I’ll be around…if you’ll wait for me.”

In 2006, Bob Seger released his first album in a decade, “Face the Promise”. His previous release of all original material, 1995’s “It’s A Mystery”, was not only a lackluster album but was vastly overshadowed by the 1994 “Greatest Hits” album that became one of the biggest catalog sellers of all time.

Seger spent the following decade raising a family and living a quiet life on the outskirts of Detroit when he reemerged with an album worthy of his cannon of classic material. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and toured to sold out arena crowds in support of “Face the Promise”, which hit #4 on the charts and eventually went platinum.

The gem on this album is ‘Wait for Me’. Produced and recorded in Nashville, this song is worthy of inclusion with his seventies and eighties megahits. The instrumentation and vocal hooks convey the message of the lyric…a simple yet declarative plea for a straightforward, simplistic lifestyle.

One response to “Bob Seger – Wait for Me

  1. nice find, good tune!

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