George Harrison – Here Comes the Moon

“Everybody’s talking up a storm…”

George Harrison will always be known for his fine contributions to the Beatles catalog of songs.  With good reason.  Some of the best songs in the Beatles cannon come from Mr. Harrison (“Here Comes the Sun”, “Something”, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”).  He is also the master of understatement on the guitar, not succumbing to the psychedelic movement and keeping his riffs and solos respecting the song, not detracting from it. 

His first solo album, the 1970 release “All Things Must Pass”, is considered the best of the solo Beatle efforts.  It is also a certified classic.  Harrison went on to release several solid albums throughout the 1970s, but took a break to work on his film company in the 1980s.   His next hit came in 1987 with the release of the multi platinum “Cloud Nine” and the Travelling Wilbury’s project.  His death in 2001 left a great hole in the world of music, but leaving behind a great legacy of music for us all to enjoy and appreciate.   The 2004 box set  “The Dark Horse Years” is a great start to understanding the man and his music. (

A 1979 release on Dark Horse Records, “George Harrison” featured a hit in the song “Blow Away”.  The album was produced by Harrison and also Warner Brothers legend Russ Titleman to great effect.  It also featured many great album cuts that should be examined as part of his greater body of work.  ‘Here Comes the Moon’ is an obvious nod to his Beatles classic ‘Here Comes the Sun’ and like that song features some great acoustic guitar work.  The dreamy quality of the production and musicianship lends itself to the nighttime vibe. 

Watching the Haiti telethon last night I thought of the vibrant Harrison, in white suit and white Fender Stratocaster at the Concert for Bangladesh in 1971.  The first of the rock benefits, it lacked pretension and bespoke an almost homespun feel with Harrison himself making the calls and doing the legwork to get the project off the ground.  In a world of celebutantes and media hounds, we all could use a bit of George Harrison’s genuine concern for the world we live in.  It would be a much better place. 

(To get an idea of what a true benefit should look like, check this out:

One response to “George Harrison – Here Comes the Moon

  1. Concert for Bangladesh is at the top of my all time favorites list, not the least for featuring Ravi Shankar and his band of amazing Indian instrumentalists. I also marveled at the attention the audience paid to that performance: you could have heard a pin drop. As for George’s lovely songs, they certainly have a depth and feeling unmatched by other songwriters. His lyrics and music are so “George”: wistful, fanciful, spiritual,…..beautiful.

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