The Temptations – Fading Away

“The feeling we used to get, whenever our lips met.
Like smoke from a cigarette… it’s fading away.”

Like many of Motown’s elite, The Temptations have a huge catalog of material from a variety of lead singers…including originals David Ruffin, Eddie Kendricks and Paul Williams.  Dennis Edwards fronted the group to equal success in the late 1960s but their commercial fortunes dwindled soon after.  Put together those singer’s solo albums into the mix and you have a catastrophe of great songs to contend with.

Here we have a Smokey Robinson-penned ode to lost love from the 1966 album ‘Gettin’ Ready’.  With a silky smooth lead from Eddie Kendrick, this tune exudes raw sensuality with lyrics that only bolster the lush arrangements.  It is obvious that this song has the same potential as ‘Get Ready’, from this album as well, but wasn’t pushed as a single.  Thus it was relegated to footnote status and sporadic inclusion on compilations like the mammoth “Temtations: Emporers of Soul”. 

If you enjoy this track (and I know you will), mine the Motown archives released through the Limited Edition Hip-O label.  Like other musical revolutions, the Motown Sound of Young America is one not to be missed!

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