Warren Zevon – Searching for a Heart

“They say love conquers all

You can’t start it like a car

You can’t stop it with a gun”

After being dropped by the Virgin Records label after only 2 albums, the late Warren Zevon was quickly signed by Irving Azoff’s short lived Giant Records on the traction of the REM-backed Hindu Love Gods album.  In 1991 his first Giant solo album, ‘Mr. Bad Example’,  was released. Like Zevon albums before it, it included the best studio musicians LA had to offer alongside  usual collaborators like Jorge Calderon, David Lindley and Waddy Wachtel.  At this point, Zevon had not had a major hit since the novelty single ‘Werewolves of London’…a great track, but far from his best. 

‘Searching for a Heart’ is a track hidden at the end of Side 2.  A slice of romantic propoganda for the lovelorn, it features some great lyrics and music to match.  It is hard to cherry pick songs from the Warren Zevon catalog…one could argue that a majority are overlooked masterpieces.  This song, however, had great potential to strike a universal chord.  The themes are timeless and the struggle between seeking out love and avoiding the pitfalls are at once tragic and stirring. 

Warren Zevon’s untimely death in 2003 was a tragedy not just for his followers, but for the world in general.  Embrace his catalog and celebrate his legacy sooner than later, it is a journey worth taking. 

(There was a beautiful black and white video made for this at the time of release.  I was amazed to see it was not on Youtube.  I did, however, include a link to his performance of ‘Searching for a Heart’ on Letterman.  Warren would stand in for Paul Shaffer over the years and it was one of his more high profile gigs.  My grandmother was actually the person who saw him on the Late Show and turned me on to his music in the 90s.)

Original video found….almost 2 years later! Enjoy!

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