George Thorogood – Going Back

George Thorogood has been amazing audiences with his frenetic slide work and low down blues since the late seventies. His run of hits and solid albums for EMI Records in the eighties cemented his position in the national consciousness, especially with the modern blues classic ‘Bad to the Bone’. Thorogood’s live shows are legendary and I can attest to this having seen the Destroyers live several times over the years. I have been aware of his modern releases for years, most notably 2003s “Ride Till I Die”, but was totally surprised to come across the 2011 Capitol Records release “2120 South Michigan Avenue”. The album is a tribute to the Chess Records catalog of blues hits, originally recorded at the Michigan Avenue address by legends like Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf, Sonny Boy Williamson and Buddy Guy. While Thorogood has been recording superb covers of these blues greats for decades, it is a refreshing and well recorded take on some obscure material and chestnuts that sets this group of songs apart. There are originals and that brings me to the best song on the album: ‘Going Back’. Thorogood penned this song as an homage to the music that influenced his artistry over the years. More than that, it is just a great blues/rock song that delivers his best riff since ‘Bad to the Bone’. ‘Going Back’ literally jumps out of the stereo. The vocal delivery, guitar playing and arranging are some of his best work. I would advise picking up the vinyl 2 disc set (it contains bonus tracks), but don’t miss ‘Going Back’…it is one of the best rock n roll songs of the new millenium!

Aerosmith – Lover Alot/What Could Have Been Love

Aerosmith are continuing to release tracks from their upcoming release. The two latest offerings are an upbeat rocker, ‘Lover Alot’ and a ballad, ‘What Could Have Been Love’. As a lifelong fan, I have been more than pleased with the 3 new tracks released so far and excited to see them on tour in support of the November-bound album “Music From Another Dimension”.

Matchbox Twenty – She’s So Mean

Matchbox Twenty is releasing their first full length studio album in a decade this fall, entitled “North”. The single ‘She’s So Mean’ is available now. If the song is any indication, the album will be a worthy addition to the band’s cannon of hit LP’s. A deluxe edition is planned with 2 bonus tracks. Below is a link to purchase the new single.

The band is also posting a series of videos detailing the making of the new album. I am including the first one below to give some insight into Matchbox Twenty as they are in 2012.

Aerosmith – Legendary Child

This great new Aerosmith single has been out for 2 months and had debuted on American Idol’s finale. With Steven Tyler officially done with reality television (for the moment), it is going to be a great autumn for Aerosmith fans. They have their first new album in 8 years coming out and are currently on a nationwide tour with Cheap Trick. Here is a link to download the single from Amazon:

PS And just in case you missed it, Steven Tyler released a reworked Aerosmith outtake last year called ‘It Feels So Good’. It warrants a listen:

Paul Simon “Under African Skies”

Earlier this year Paul Simon re released his classic solo album “Graceland” in a variety of packages that include bonus tracks and new information about the recording and reception of this great LP.  The centerpiece to this campaign is the great, feature length documentary “Under African Skies”.  The film is directed by Joe Berlinger, the documentarian who filmed the Metallica “Some Kind of Monster” movie.  A must have on Blu Ray, Paul Simon is shown making the album, dealing with the aftermath of Graceland’s success and criticism and reuniting with the original musicians in South Africa in the summer of 2011.  I have included links to the LP release and the Blu Ray documentary as well as the official trailer.


Mark Knopfler will be releasing his new solo album “Privateering” on September 11th.  The album is being released on the same day as tour mate Bob Dylan’s “Tempest”.  The two artists will be touring North America together in the fall, reprising their collaboration that has been ongoing since the late seventies.  US release information for “Privateering” is not posted as of yet and there is no vinyl release discussed.  The EU release is posted below:

Bob Dylan “Tempest”

On September 11th Bob Dylan will release his latest LP “Tempest”. The new album is sure to be a great listen ready to join the ranks of his recent classics. As with all Dylan albums, it is being released on Vinyl in addition to CD and itunes download. As the vinyl releases for “Love and Theft” and “Modern Times” are noted for their fidelity I would suggest picking up the LP/CD combo. It is to be noted that this album will be released on September 11th, the same day that “Love and Theft” was released in 2001!

Link to preorder: